How is EDC3100 different?

So an apple is an apple, right? And as the saying goes, you can’t compare oranges and apples, but you can compare apples with apples. How does this apply to this course?

apples and oranges

This course is number 20 in my degree so far. I have completed 19 others – each different in their own way and each rather similar – except this one. And yes, I’ll happily admit it, I am not a fan. Not yet anyway.

I don’t really get these ‘books’ that we have to use. We ‘flick’ through them, engage with the content and then we are awarded with the all important little green tick. I just find it confusing and intricate. I feel like I am getting lost in it all.

I prefer to be able to print all of my learning content out and flick through physical paper pages and highlight, scribble notes and leave post-its all over the pages. I have found that I am having to write more hand-written notes, purely in the hope of being to find interesting and/or important information again later.

I do hold out hope though. I am being open to conversion! I will give this a go and try to change my ways – possibly even better myself! After all, isn’t that exactly what I’ll be asking my own students to do in the not-so-distant future?

Talking of the future…. here’s The Education Show Australia’s list of their most popular teacher resources.  Some of these look absolutely fantastic, some are really clever and some are just downright handy!!!


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