Is it a case of “Scared of the Unknown”?

As a part of this week’s learning path I’ve reviewed the course barometer from EDC3100 for the week 1. And to my relief, most people seem to be feeling the same way as I do. Worried, rushed, confused yet interested.

I’ve been thinking about why I feel this way and how can I be proactive and change my negative feelings towards this course. And it seems I’m not alone, my fellow student Tameka is also looking to improve her attitude and mindset.

My story starts around 12 months ago, end of semester 1 2015 and a close friend of mine was completing EDC3100. We had gotten together for a study date and she was just about pulling her hair out: “Too many bloody learning path things”, “I don’t understand the value of using Twitter”, “My internet download limits are through the roof”, “Too much coursework and I don’t have time for my other courses”.   I guess I didn’t have much to look forward to when doing the course.

This made me think about how to instil positive attitudes in my future students. Do I want to have a class of students that feel worried, rushed and confused? Particularly about something that they may not have even experienced for themselves. No! Check out these great ideas for building Positive Attitudes in our students.


After all, there is no use in wasting energy on bad thoughts and ideas over something that might not actually be that bad.   And how is this going to change my semester? I’ve had a think about it…. I already use Twitter, I’ve always wanted to Blog, and I’ve come to be pretty proficient at Feedly over the last 2 weeks. See?! Not so scary after all! So lets just jump on the rollercoaster and see how many positive learning experiences we can have!


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