Copyright….. CopyWRONG…. Help!!!

After reading, and re-reading, and then reading some more I am still confused! The learning path from Week 2 in regards to using resources appropriately has got me concerned! David (our lecturer) said that we had probably already breached copyright laws in our blog posts AND HE WAS RIGHT!

Now the question is…. What can I use? I want my blog to include images, gifs and videos to keep it interesting, but the copyright issues are just a mine field. And even referencing the resources isn’t enough.

I’m not alone in my concerns. Fellow student blogger teachingwithfletch has resorted to creating her own images for her blog post just to ensure she’s not breaching copyright. That is one solution.

The University of Sydney has created this great resource as a Copyright guide for students. This gives some guidance on this issue, but I’m still looking for clear definitive rules for using images on my blog posts, and that will require more research.

For now, I think I’m safe in using the image below. It is in the public domain and therefore I’m not obligated to cite the owner of it. However, in the spirit of things, I will anyway.

Binary code

Image from Public Domain by Dev Made Easy. Binary Code.


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