Who is actually using ICT in the classroom?

This week’s learning path has given me (yet another!) epiphany. When we are thinking about ICT use in the classroom we need to consider WHO is actually using it. Students simply watching the teacher use an IWB doesn’t mean they are engaging with it, the teacher is!


Image from Public Domain by Ian L. School Students Using Apple Mac.


Upon reviewing the Decoding Learning Report, it’s given me so many new ideas on how to integrate ICT into my future classroom. ICT that the students are using NOT the teacher!

Need some inspiration for yourself? Check out this blog post by Alice Leung. She is a Teacher at Merrylands High School in Sydney and she helped a group of her students create a game in which new Year 6 students completed a series of tasks during orientation that helped them find their way around their new school. Absolutely awesome!! Very inspirational!


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