Unfamiliar overlap

I am a part-time student, and during semesters 1 and 2 I usually only study 2 courses. This semester I’m excelling myself and doing 3 – aren’t I lucky! However, the reason I bring this up is I find it really interesting that my 2 courses seem to be overlapping in content! I have never experienced this before. Wow! Awesome! Amazing! And, might I mention, rather handy!
Computer notebook coffee

Image from Public Domain by axelle b. Computer, Notebook, Coffee.

My other course (EDX3270 – Literacies Education) has an assignment due on the same day as assignment 1 for this course. It’s a 2000 word Critical Analysis! 2000 words and only worth 35% – Sheesh!!! Anyway, so as my topic for my critical analysis I’ve chosen to look at the ways in which ICT enhances literacy learning. And I’m finding a world of fantastic research articles and literature through EDC3100 that I can use for my EDX3270 assignment! Yay! But strangely, I feel like I’m cheating!

After completing the learning paths for week 3, I’ve begun to think more deeply about ICT in the classroom and whether or not the students are learning WITH ICT or learning FROM ICT! Which brings me to talking about Mindtools!! These are technology-based tools that allow problem-solving and active learning through the use of specific computer programs that students use. This is more than children learning from watching a video on the IWB! This is allowing hands-on engagement – this is constructivist theory through ICT at its finest!

I touched on this point a little in yesterday’s blog.  I can’t wait to delve further into this subject while researching for my critical analysis! I really believe this may be a game changer for my future as a teacher!


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