Global Digital Citizenship

Through the use of ICT, distance has never been less important. Have a think about it, with a few clicks of the mouse we could be engaging with another person in nearly any other part of the world.


Image from Public Domain by Dawn Hudson. World People.

In researching for my other assignment (which I mentioned yesterday), I’ve come across this awesome website Global Education Project run by the Australian Government.

Check out the School Case Studies list which gives examples of students collaborating with their peers all around the world. An excellent example is a case study where Year 5-6 students in New South Wales created multimodal texts and sent them to students in a school in Vietnam. Through the use of ICT, this and similar virtual communications demonstrate that common location (or even time) is no longer a factor.

I remember when I was in school, the closest thing we had to global education was if were lucky enough to have an overseas penpal! And then the letters would come only every few months. Amazingly 20 years on and our kids are designing video presentations upon the request of their peers 10,000 kilometres away! Mind blowing!

Where do you see technology taking us 20 years into the future?


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