Let’s get creative for Assignment 2

Now that uni holidays are over and I need to get back into the swing of things I’ve decided to focus on assignment 2 for this course. And I’m not the only one! I’ve been reading through the blogs of my fellow EDC3100’ers and everyone seems to be starting to nut out Assignment 2 – Just like deniseas75! What are we looking at? Designing a 3 to 5 week unit plan that includes quality ICT-enriched learning experiences.

Sounds simple enough, right?!


Image from public domain by George Hodan. Place On The Map.

The context – My somewhere…

For this I’ve decided to use my first year Professional Experience classroom as my imaginary class. 22 x Year 4 students at an Independent School. The class included a standard range of abilities. One student with diagnosed ADHD, one ESL student, three very bright students and four students that required learning support to varying degrees.  And every one else in the class was somewhere in between.


Why choose this context?

I just love this age! When I entered the classroom I hadn’t previously had much experience with 8-9 year olds, but let me tell you – THEY ARE CLEVER! I didn’t realise how tech savvy they would be, and they are smart to boot! 8-9 year olds are old enough to start to develop some interesting concepts, yet young enough to still care about what you (the teacher) thinks!


The curriculum…

I’m going to design a unit plan in Geography. I am interested in designing something around the concept of students creating an interactive map. Maybe of their school, home, classroom or an imaginary place like a zoo.


Why this subject?

Why not?! I guess it’s something that would not traditionally be taught through ICTs. That’s a challenge in itself.


The next step from here is working out where this fits in the Australian Curriculum and also with the Queensland Studies Authority.


For now, here’s a list of pretty cool map creation programs that I can have a look through to see if they fit with the ideas rattling around in my head!


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