Help! I’ve imagined something that hasn’t been created yet!

I think I may have hit a stumbling block in Assignment 2. And to be really fair, I have hardly started it! Sheesh! This is not looking good!

So, let me explain: My ideas for the unit plan are to have the students research a range of animals, their food requirements, their habitat and shelter requirements, and then apply this information to design their own zoo. Great idea, right?! I thought so.

Vintage Zoo Poster

Image from public domain by Dawn Hudson. Vintage Zoo Poster.

Anyway, so I would like to use an application or piece of software that I can load an image (the base map of the zoo) on to. Then the students can decide which animal goes where, based on their knowledge of the animals. I want the program to be able to have the ability for students to add pop-up windows for videos and pictures of the animals. And also pop-up text boxes to display information.

Ideally the program would also allow the students to add shapes, or outlines, so they could draw in where the enclosures are. But, as you probably have guessed…. Such a program/application DOES NOT EXIST!!! Arrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!

This means my whole idea for the unit plan goes out the window. I’ve spent the best part of a whole day trying to find an appropriate program and so far I’ve come up empty handed.

Please help!  Have you ever heard of software that does this that I can have my students use to complete this task?


2 thoughts on “Help! I’ve imagined something that hasn’t been created yet!

    • becteacher2b says:

      Thanks David! I’ll have a look at Padlet and see if I can make it work.

      I’ve had a couple of other suggestions from other EDC3100 students – flipsnack and sketchbook express – which I may be able to use with a few changes to my unit plan.

      I really love this idea and I want to use ICT to transform learning (and assessment)! I hope I can make this work!


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