Once it is seen, it cannot be unseen

The three courses I am completing this semester are fairly different to one another. They are: ICT and Pedagogy (this course), Literacies Education (3 yr literacy), and Managing Challenging Behaviours (an elective). Yet here’s the thing, they all seem to have a strong focus on ICT.

I can put this down to a number of reasons. a) Maybe they don’t have a common theme, but because I am so interested in ICT through this course, I am seeing it everywhere I look. b) The ICT has always been there only I haven’t been paying attention to it. c) ICT are becoming more important in the classroom therefore to pre-service teacher education and subsequently they ARE becoming more prolific in my courses as I progress through my degree.

Either way, I guess there’s no avoiding them, and besides – I actually like ICT. I’m excited by the prospect of using them effectively and appropriately in my future classroom. My fellow EDC3100 student Spil2016 has also spoken about the same observation here.

Globe Brain

Image from public domain by Dawn Hudson. Globe Brain.

The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians highlighted the rapid changes in ICT and how vitally important they are to successful learners. And the Queensland College of Teachers expanded on it in their Research Digest.

ICT are important and they are here to stay. As a future teacher I will do my upmost to guide my students to get the most out of ICT so they can become successful, active and informed global citizens of the future.


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