Do digital technologies make it too easy to plagiarise?

I’ve been reading some of my fellow EDC3100 students’ blogs. With the due date for assignment 2 looming I’ve noticed that a lot of students are blogging about their assignment, just like Jacqueline Howlett’s post about the rubric she has created for the assignment.

This is a scary concept for me. What stops anyone grabbing that rubric and submitting it as there own? Now, in this assignment I would assume that 99.9% of students are working on unit plans which are for different year levels and different subjects, and different concepts within these subjects. So I guess the opportunity to plagiarise is pretty minimal. However, this has got me thinking about my future as a teacher, and how to ensure my students don’t plagiarise.


Image from public domain by axelle b. Businesswoman, computer.

I’ve found a great article from the Connections publication on the Education Services Australia website about plagiarism and why students do it.

There are 2 obvious types of plagiarism: Deliberate and Unintentional. Although both are very concerning, unintentional plagiarism is, perhaps, more preventable when students are aware of it and taught about it.

The article lists three strategies for teachers to implement to minimise the opportunity for plagiarism:

  1. Set tasks which require higher-order thinking skills as opposed to reciting of facts.
  2. Provide students with set resources.
  3. Teach resource evaluation skills.

With the use of these steps, I hope I can help my students to be able to display THEIR best work.  I would love to hear your opinions on this topic – please feel free to leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Do digital technologies make it too easy to plagiarise?

  1. jacquelinehowlett says:

    Hello!! The thought of someone “stealing” my rubric did occur to me…on reflection it was probably not the smartest thing to do, putting the whole thing out there like that…but if someone was to do so I hope they would have the brains to at least change the wording. The way I have constructed my rubric comes from much scrutinisation of course exemplars and other things I have found on the internet. I really do not know how teachers prevent blatant plagiarism…as I hope to be a Kindergarten-yr2 teacher, any attempts at plagiarism by my students will be blindingly obvious, but I wonder how teachers of older students handle that sort of thing…
    Good question, and thank you for visiting my blog!!

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    • becteacher2b says:

      Thanks for your comment Jacqueline. 🙂 I think you are pretty safe from plagiarism for this one. I’m sure you weighed it up before posting it on your blog. Good luck with your assignment. Bec.

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