My context

Finally I have my context!

I volunteered for the day in the Year 6 classroom which will be my Professional Experience class for the next three weeks!


Image from public domain by Dawn Hudson. Back to School.

Here’s a snapshot:

  • Large suburban school
  • Approx. 800 students from Prep to Year 6
  • There are four x Year 6 classes
  • My class is 29 students
  • Fairly evenly boys/girls
  • 1 ADHD Student
  • 2 very low academic achievers
  • Generally well behaved students who can be chatty at times
  • Around 4 main offenders who will need further behaviour management and will need to be monitored.

The classroom itself is very lacking in ICTs. There is a smart board and the children also have access to 2 computers in a quiet room adjacent to the classroom. Not sure about other available ICTs that we could get in (I’m thinking digital cameras/laptops/iPads… maybe… hopefully…).

All in all I’m a lot less nervous about starting prac on Monday. My teacher is really nice, accommodating and funny. And the students all seemed very nice and willing to please (for now anyway)!

I hope all my fellow EDC3100 students have a great time on prac and learn a lot!


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