Day 1 Debrief

Here we are at the end of Day One of my Professional Experience… I survived!!

What I have discovered from my first couple of days in a Year 6 classroom – if you read my last blog post, you would know I volunteered for a day last week – is that I lack what I think is general knowledge on some topics. Well, maybe not general knowledge per se, but lack the knowledge and/or confidence to teach some things to the standard that I expect of myself. Sheesh…. Did that even make sense??!!



Image from public domain by X posid. Illustration.

Anyway, in an attempt to rectify this, I have written a list of the upcoming topics/areas that I need to research, that my class are working on in various different subjects. I will continue to do this over the course of the next 3 weeks so that I can be confident and effective in my teaching.

So far the topics I’ve highlighted for further research are:

  • Mathematics – Order of Operations
  • Spelling – Phonemes and Graphemes
  • Science – Tidal Energy as a Renewable Source of Energy

Several times over my degree I’ve come across a great website called ABC Splash. Here’s the blurb from their website:

“ABC Splash brings you high-quality digital educational content from across the ABC and around the world.

This website offers a new, world-class education experience for Australian students, and is packed with thousands of videos, audio clips, games and interactive tools. All resources are free to watch and play at home and in school and guaranteed to spark discussion and promote curiosity.

There are special areas for parents and teachers featuring thought-provoking articles and blog posts, teaching resources and up-to-date education news.”

I am a big fan! A great source of information that is teacher, parent and student friendly! It’s a great place to find games and tutorial videos to add into lessons. For teachers, the website also lists the Australian Curriculum Content Descriptor that apply to each resource.

Tonight, I revised and refreshed my memory all about Order of Operation or BIDMAS – Take a look!



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