A run down of Week 1 of Professional Experience

Week 1 of Professional Experience has drawn to a close. The week has flown by! So far, I’m loving it! I’ve enjoyed reading the reflections of other EDC3100 students about their first week of prac, including this post by Wedrac and this post by Natasha.

My students: Well, the students are definitely in need. Most of my students have A LOT going on in their lives beyond school. Not all kids are having breakfast before school, and/or bring lunch to school. A great majority are wearing dirty school uniforms from the day before. Some don’t have the required amount of stationery and supplies that are needed for school, so it’s given to them by the teacher. On the whole, they are nice kids. We do have some behaviour issues in the classroom, as well as some kids who probably should have further intervention with an OT or paediatrician. It’s heartbreaking that some of these students just aren’t getting what they need from their parents. As a teacher, I need to give them all I can and be satisfied with that.


Image from public domain by mozlase__. Still life.

My mentor: He is great!! Very approachable and easy to talk to. He has the right mix of friend/teacher with the students, which I look up to. He has welcomed me into his classroom and has ensured the students treat me with the same level of respect as they give to him. The feedback he has been giving to me has been great. If there is only one thing I could say that is not so good is his ICT knowledge/abilities. And I am struggling to incorporate ICT when it’s not really anywhere on his radar or in his ideas for the classroom. This is something that I will be working through with him so that I can satisfy the requirements for the EDC3100 assessment.

Available ICT: So far I’m looking at an older model IWB. My mentor doesn’t really use it, except for watching videos with the students, so I’m not sure what it is able to do. The classroom also has 2 older desktop computers in a separate quiet room at the back of the classroom. Apart from that, there are no other available ICT. The class is allocated 1 other ICT lesson during the week where they go to the school library and go to the computer lab. This is the only time allocation that they have where every student can get onto a computer. I feel that the IWB is the one thing that I will be able to use a lot to get my ICT integration for the students.  I’ve come across this awesome top 10 list of creative ways to use IWBs in the classroom.

The lack of available ICT is the only foreseeable problem that I’m having on my professional experience. I’m doing more teaching than I ever have before, and I’m feel more comfortable and confident doing it. It’s been a great experience so far.


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