Looking forward

The end is nigh. I’m finishing off the final pieces of assignment for the semester and then I will be enjoying three glorious weeks of holidays! Another semester done, another semester closer to becoming a teacher.

The one thing that I’ve become really conscious of this semester is all of the “things I must remember”. All of those great ideas that my mentor teachers have shared. All of those great classroom resources. All of those handy little behaviour management skills and strategies. All of those positive behaviour reward ideas. All of those ideas that are shared during lectures and tutorials at Uni. All of those tips from Textbooks and Research articles. I don’t want to loose them. I don’t want those great experiences to get forgotten and just float off into the clouds! So I’ve started a notebook to keep a record of all these things. It’s going to be my “Bec’s Guide to Surviving the First Year” book. And as I come across these little ideas and bits and pieces, I’m going to add them to the book. I know I will thank myself in the long run. I can see myself reading through the pages on the night before I start my first day with my OWN CLASSROOM!


Image from public domain by Raishel Wasserman. Man Journaling.

Another great source of inspiration for my future is Pinterest. Great little visual ideas, classroom decoration and layout ideas, planning and lesson ideas and games ideas. I’m going to keep on pinning and I’m sure that some of these ideas will end up in my Survival Guide.

For now, this the last post for my EDC3100 course. But I may just be back at some stage and write an update on how things are going. I know I will definitely be back to review this blog and revisit some of the great resources I’ve shared.

So… until next time…

Keeping learning, Bec. x


Fun times for Rainy Days

Yesterday was my last day on Professional Experience for this course. The plan was to have a standard morning of reading rotations, a spelling lesson and a maths lesson – then morning tea. After morning tea is Friday parade, then the students go off to interschool sports. During the afternoon, the teachers and students that don’t participate in inter-school sports are put into groups and they work on different art projects, etc.   I had my art project planned and ready to go.

Then it rained. The forecast was for much more rain as the day progressed so inters-chool sport was cancelled. So with all of the students staying in class, and the possibility of ‘wet-lunch’ we were under pressure to find something to keep the kids entertained for the afternoon.


Image from public domain by PublicDomainPictures. Rain.

We managed to get away with a bit of housekeeping, desk and classroom tidy up. Read a short story. A couple games of bingo. Then a round of dodge-ball in the multipurpose hall with another class.

However, this had made me think that I need to have a little repertoire of activities to do in these circumstances. Something to keep the students engaged and amused when there is extra time, or the planned work is finished.

I spent some time having a look at a few resources online and there are some great video Riddles on YouTube that could be played through the IWB.  These few that I found would be suitable for the age group of the students I had on my Professional Experience (Year 6):

Here’s a page that lists a few classroom games for a rainy day. I am going to gather a list and keep them ready for when I have my own class in the future.