Fun times for Rainy Days

Yesterday was my last day on Professional Experience for this course. The plan was to have a standard morning of reading rotations, a spelling lesson and a maths lesson – then morning tea. After morning tea is Friday parade, then the students go off to interschool sports. During the afternoon, the teachers and students that don’t participate in inter-school sports are put into groups and they work on different art projects, etc.   I had my art project planned and ready to go.

Then it rained. The forecast was for much more rain as the day progressed so inters-chool sport was cancelled. So with all of the students staying in class, and the possibility of ‘wet-lunch’ we were under pressure to find something to keep the kids entertained for the afternoon.


Image from public domain by PublicDomainPictures. Rain.

We managed to get away with a bit of housekeeping, desk and classroom tidy up. Read a short story. A couple games of bingo. Then a round of dodge-ball in the multipurpose hall with another class.

However, this had made me think that I need to have a little repertoire of activities to do in these circumstances. Something to keep the students engaged and amused when there is extra time, or the planned work is finished.

I spent some time having a look at a few resources online and there are some great video Riddles on YouTube that could be played through the IWB.  These few that I found would be suitable for the age group of the students I had on my Professional Experience (Year 6):

Here’s a page that lists a few classroom games for a rainy day. I am going to gather a list and keep them ready for when I have my own class in the future.


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